A new chapter for Julien Leblanc

A new chapter fpr Julien Leblanc

Julien Leblanc is about to embark on a new chapter of his life very soon and he has the intention to start this new era as the Battlefield Fight League 175lbs champion!

There are so many things changing right now in the life of the fighter from Gatineau that we must look at this period of his life as a whole new chapter. Julien is not only free from any contractual obligations with any promotion in Quebec, where there is still no pro MMA in 2020 yet, but he will also make the jumo in a whole new weight division and fight for the belt immediately against one of the best fighters in the country! But believe me when I say that those changes are probably the lesser ones that Leblanc will have to face in the near future! 

In fact, his girlfriend and him are awaiting the arrival of their first born child in the beginning of March, a baby boy! The man that is often called “Ju” by his close friends is set to evolve like a Pokemon a become a better version of himself: “Poppa Ju!” This will of course be an enormous change in his and his gilfriend’s lives and routine. 

Julien’s wish is that he is able to win the championship to put the cherry on top of the ice cream! He gets the chance to do so this Saturday, February 8, 2020 in Vancouver where he will take part in one of the main events of the BFL 65 card against champion Dejan Kajic. 

Leblanc wants all these changes to materialize, but it’s not like is career is going down the wrong path. Yes, he lost for the first time last time out but this fight is now 1 year and 5 months away and he is still 5-1 as a pro. Julien’s problem has been mostly related to the incredible amounts of cancellation he had to suffer in his young career. It’s pretty much becoming a meme at this point. In 2019 only, Leblanc saw fights against Bruno Lurette, Adam Hunter and Ibrahim Mané fall appart for many different reasons. 

As his TKO contract expired, Leblanc was looking at different options but Battlefield Fight League’s offer struck his attention the most. Mainly because of the opponent: Dejan Kajic, who is one of the most respected Mixed Martial Artist in Canada and who has not lost in almost 2 years now. The fact that the fight was for a belt must have helped a little too! 

But one of the most underrated point that motivated Leblanc’s decision was the weight class in which the fight was to be contested: 175lbs. Julien has always said that he was too small for 185, the weight class he fought most of his fights. He often weighs less than 200lbs in his everyday life. However, he is a little too big for 170! He tried once against Damien Lapilus and it was a complete disaster as the weight cut took all the energy he had. That’s why Julien feels like 175lbs is the perfect middle ground and his optimal weight class. Even though this weight division is not yet active in the bigger leagues like the UFC or Bellator, most experts think it’s coming sooner rather than later as a 165lbs division is becoming super necessary, like Jorge would say. 

Leblanc is confident that he will make weight easily for the fight as it was the last 5 pounds that really took everything out of him when he successfully made 170lbs. Also, he worked with nutritionnist Tylor Whelan who had helped many of his Patenaude teammates at TKO 48 in Gatineau and who is affiliated with George Lockhart. 

A new kid, a new promotion and a new weight class, it’S a lot for Leblanc who is confident that he will be able to put all these cancellations and weird circumstances in his past once and for all when he steps in the cage this Saturday. He feels like he is destined to start this new chapter of his life as the BFL 175lbs champion! After that, he admits that he will need to focus on his family life for a little while as he will need to learn to become a father. He will still keep training everyday like he always did and he will be ready to face his next challenge when it is presented to him. It may even be a title defense, who knows… 

You can listen to the whole episode of the Faber Cast Podcast with Julien Leblanc right here:

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