Adam Dyczka with New Era: Not that quick says TKO

Only ours removed from Adam Dyczka signing with New Era Fighting & Promotion, TKO president Stephane Patry replied by saying not that quick!

In fact, according to Patry, Dyczka is still under contract with the TKO MMA promotion until July 31, 2019. The president even sent MMA Talk a picture of the clause in the contract to prove what he said:

Le clause du contrat TKO d'Adam Dyczka qui confirme que son contrat expire le 31 Juillet 2019

Yan Pellerin, the president of New Era, confirmed to MMA Talk later that the deal was signed in date of JUly 31 and was not effective before that date.

Everything seems legit, end of story? Hell no! On MMA Talk’s post on the matter, Pellerin sent a jab towards Patry.

Patry replied with a jab of his own, then Pellerin replied, then Patry replied, then one of them was talking about having sex with the other’s ex! That legendary confrontation is immortalized in the following video. The comments have even been deleted now, so this video is the only place on the internet where they will live forever!

That exchange may have been a little silly and may even have crossed the line to some extent, but it proves without the shadow of a doubt that there is a rivalry between TKO and New Era. TKO has long been the leader in Canadian MMA but New Era has just made a lot of noise with that signing.

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