Canadian MMA Rankings: January 2020

Canadian MMA Rankings

To qualify for the rankings a fighter must be Canadian or having fought uniquely in Canada in Pro MMA. Also, the fighter must have had at least one fight in the 2 last years and must not be under contract with the UFC or Bellator (i.e. Marc-André Barriault, Charles Jourdain, Mandel Nallo).

The Changes: Christien Savoie’s great win at Elite 1 MMA Fight Night 37 moves him up one spot at 170lbs. Corinne Laframboise got her second win in a row at UAE Warriors 10 and that moves her up two spots on the Women’s p4p. Lucas Neufeld also gains a spot at 145 after his win over Cleve Bentley at Fight Night 12 in Lethbridge. Melissa Croden also enters the Women’s p4p list with her second pro win. Jasmine Jasudavicius is the final one to rise on the Women’s p4p list after her fourth pro win at CFFC 81 to begin February.

Canadian Flyweight (125lbs)
  1. Malcolm Gordon, TKO
  2. Yoni Sherbatov, TKO
  3. Chris Kelades, M-1
  4. Chad Anheliger, Rise FC
  5. James Mancini, TKO
  6. Jordan Graham, TKO
  7. Tony Laramie, PFC 
  8. James Clarke, BTC 
  9. Bojan Kladnjakovic, UCC
  10. Dave Henry, BTC
  11. Keegan Oliver, BFL
  12. Terrence Chan, BFL
  13. Matt Dawson, PFC
  14. Stevie Yhap, TKO 
  15. Sam Debalke, PFC 
Canadian Bantamweight (135lbs)
  1. Jesse Arnett, TKO 
  2. Xavier Alaoui, TKO 
  3. Louie Sanoudakis, Brave CF 
  4. Gary Mangat, One 
  5. Jamie Siraj, Unified 
  6. Tariq Ismail, Brave FC 
  7. Noah Ali, Unified
  8. Chad Anheliger, Rise FC 
  9. Tyler Wilson, BTC
  10. Justin Basra, RITC 
  11. Mateo Vogel, TKO 
  12. Craig MacLean, Rise FC 
  13. Denis Puric, Fight Night  
  14. Adam MacDougall, PFC 
  15. Blake Sigvaldason, XFFC
Canadian Featherweight (145lbs)
  1. Jeremy Kennedy PFL 
  2. Alex Morgan, TKO 
  3. T.J. Laramie, PFC 
  4. Tom O’Connor, XFFC 
  5. Adrian Vilaca, KOTC 
  6. Maged Hammo, RITC 
  7. Matt DiMarcantonio, BTC
  8. Serhiy Sidey, BTC
  9. Lucas Neufled, Fight Night +1 
  10. Maxime Poulin, BTC -1 
  11. Michael Imperato, PFC
  12. Eric Montgomery, PFC
  13. Matar Lo, TKO
  14. Mike McAloon, PFC
  15. Behrang Yousefi, Unified
    Canadian Lightweight (155lbs)
  1. Jesse Ronson, PFL
  2. Jason Saggo, BTC
  3. Neal Anderson, Unified 
  4. Stephen Beaumont, Unified 
  5. Craig Shintani, Unified 
  6. Michael Dufort, New Era 
  7. Alex Martinez, Brave CF  
  8. Adam Assenza BTC 
  9. Shawn Wallace, Elite 1 
  10. Achilles Estremadura, BFL   
  11. David Moon, AUFC
  12. Kevin Genereux, TKO 
  13. Jeremie Capony, TKO 
  14. Curtis Demarce, Unified 
  15.  Alex O’Neil, TKO 
Canadian Super Lightweight (165lbs)
  1. Scott Hudson, BTC
  2. Shane Campbell, Fight Night 
  3. Pat Pytlik, Unified
  4. Derek Boyle, Unified 
  5. Mike Scarcello, Unified 
Canadian Welterweight (170-175lbs)
  1. Jonathan Meunier, TKO
  2. Jesse Ronson, TKO
  3. Michael Hill, XFFC
  4. Christien Savoie, Elite 1 MMA +1
  5. Pat Pytlik, Unified -1
  6. Ergys Sigeta, TKO
  7. Spencer Jebb, M-1
  8. Dejan Kajic, BFL
  9. Thomas Richardson, XFFC
  10. Roger Alves, Unified
  11. Pat Carroll, Elite 1
  12. Alderic Keith, Elite 1
  13. Damian Johnston, XFFC
  14. Yohan Lainesse, TKO
  15. Kyran Cameron, BTC
Canadian Middleweight (185lbs)
  1. Elias Theodorou, PFC
  2. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz, Teofista 
  3. KB Bhullar, Unified 
  4. Aaron Jeffery, BTC 
  5. Teddy Ash, Unified 
  6. Jared Revel, BFL 
  7. Adam Hunter, TKO  
  8. Matt Dwyer, Unified 
  9. Jo Vallée, New Era 
  10. Jesse Bongfeldt, RITC 
  11. Julien Leblanc, TKO 
  12. Khetag Pliev, ACA 
  13. Cody Krahn, Unified 
  14. Colton Cronkite, RITC 
  15. Ali Mokdad, TKO 
Canadian Light Heavyweight (205lbs)
  1. Teddy Ash, Unified
  2. Todd Stoute, Brave CF
  3. Graham Park, Unified 
  4. Sheldon Doll, Unified 
  5. Steve MacDonald, XFFC 
  6. Matt Baker, Brave CF 
  7. Tyler Weran, Unified
  8. Chris Lee Byrne, MFC
  9. William Carriere, XFFC
  10. Paul Melanson, L-Jack
  11. Marcus Hicks, RITC
  12. Jeremiah Bernard, L-Jack
  13. Neil Berry, Unified
  14. Jeff Porter, Unified
  15. Lorenzo Celis, MFC
Canadian Heavyweight (265lbs)
  1. Adam Dyczka, New Era
  2. Dustin Joynson, BFL 
  3. Chris Larsen, Unified
  4. Caio Machado, BFL 
  5. Lee Mein, Unified 
  6. Grayson Wells, Unified 
  7. Devon Neis, Havoc 
  8. Josh Heinz, Havoc 
  9. Terrence Spina, Rise FC 
  10. Justin Doege, XFFC 
  11. Craig Hudson, XFFC 
  12. Jared Kilkenny, Unified 
  13. Jared Henderson, RITC 
  14. Bobby Sullivan, TKO
  15. Bakary Sakho, TKO 
Canadian Women’s Pound-for-Pound
  1. Sarah Kaufman, PFL (155lbs)
  2. Valérie Létourneau, Free Agent (125lbs)
  3. Bobbi-Jo Dalziel, PFL (155lbs)
  4. Lupita Godinez, BTC (115lbs) 
  5. Jade Masson-Wong, TKO (125lbs) 
  6. Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels, TKO (125lbs)
  7. Alyssa Krahn, Invicta FC (115lbs) 
  8. Jasmine Jasudavicius, BTC (125lbs) +1
  9. Anastasia Nikolakakos, Invicta FC (105lbs) -1
  10. Corinne Laframboise, New Era (125lbs) +2
  11. Ashley Nichols, Invicta FC (115lbs) -1 
  12. Lindsay Garbatt, BTC (115lbs) -1
  13. Coralie Dixon, BFL (125lbs) 
  14. Randi Field, PFC (115lbs) 
  15. Melissa Croden, Fight Night (135lbs) (New)
Canadian Men’s Pound-for-Pound
  1. Elias Theodorou, PFC 
  2. Jesse Ronson, TKO 
  3. Jonathan Meunier, TKO 
  4. Malcolm Gordon, TKO 
  5. Jeremy Kennedy, PFL 
  6. Teddy Ash, Unified 
  7. Jason Saggo, BTC 
  8. Michael Hill, XFFC 
  9. Alex Morgan, TKO 
  10. TJ Laramie, PFC 
  11. Shane Campbell, Unified 
  12. Todd Stoute, Brave CF 
  13. Yoni Sherbatov, TKO 
  14. Scott Hudson, BTC 
  15. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz, TKO 

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