Dejan Kajic really wants to get “The Phone Call”

Dejan Kajic really wants to get "The Phone Call"

Dejan Kajic is down to beat up on some more uprising prospects for now, but he really wants to get “The Phone Call” soon! In fact, if everything goes according to plan, Dejan will defeat Julien Leblanc and retain his 175lbs championship this saturday at BFL 65 and he will then move on to a bigger promotion.

Whether it be the UFC, Bellator or even One, it does not really matter at this point. Kajic will not be satisfied until he gets to test himself against the best fighters in the world: 

“It’s good to be the best on the local scene but I want the stamp of approval. I hope this is my last fight on the regional scene, if not I might walk away and retire.”

Or not, as less than 2 minutes later he tells me he still wants to do it for a long time… Classic fighter talk! But it’s tough not to feel Dejan. Even though the world’s top promotions rarely “invest on a 35 years old with a record like mine” as he puts it, Kajic is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most deserving fighters in the whole country.

He started fighting as a pro in 2010 and really had some ups and some downs in the beginning of his fighting career. He always stayed over the 500 mark, but he also stayed very close to it for a number of years. After 18 pro fights, Dejan had an 8-7 record with 2 draws and a no contest, that was after his fight with Menad Abella in March 2018 and he has not lost since.

When I asked him what changed, he said nothing. He just feels like many of his losses were caused by him going to his opponent’s cities and loosing decisions he felt like he deserved to win. Still, one thing he can attribute to this recent success is the ability to fight in the 175lbs division.

As it is the case with his opponent, Kajic is kinda stuck between two weight classes. He is too small for 185 and feels like he could never compete there at the highest level. On the other hand, he is too big for 170 and felt depleted by the weight cut most times he fought at that weight. 175 is clearly the perfect weight class that has allowed him to fight at his best and get that winning streak.

He also feels like is experience is starting to play a major role in his performances. In BC, local fighters decided years ago to stop fighting each other and become training partners. They now only fight people from other Canadian Provinces or from the US and promotions like BFL are happy to fly guys in to test their skills. This made a huge difference for a fighter like Kajic who trains at every major gym in the Vancouver area with top fighters like Tristan Connelly, Cole Smith, Jared Revel and many more!

Always training alongside the best combined with Dejan’s tendency to ask lots of questions is what he feels turned him into the martial artist he is today. He also does not believe in training camps, so he’s been in the gym learning everyday for the past 13 years.

For all these reasons, Dejan feels like he is peaking right now and he’s confident he could compete with the best in the world. But still, he is not looking past Julien Leblanc, he even has some very kind words for his opponent:

“He scares me, as a result, he’s keeping me accountable for it! I’m not missing any training sessions, I’m not missing my runs, my pads, my sparring, I’m pumped for this fight… I see myself as the underdog in this fight. I’m giving up everything: Size, height, reach, he’s a southpaw. He also seems like a perfect style to make this fight great, he likes to stand and bang, I like to stand and bang and even if it goes to the ground it’s not going to be a stalemate. He’s good off his back, he throws triangles, gets up. It’s going to be a good fight and it’s going to put us both on the map.”

How can you not root for Dejan? He’s been doing his thing for a long time, giving us exciting fights, being a real student of the game, always being respectful with his opponents and always giving props where they’re due! He’s one of the greatest ambassadors for Canadian MMA and one of those who deserve that “Phone Call” the most!

Dejan Kajic will be in action in one of the main events of the stacked BFL 65 card this saturday February 8. He will be looking to defend his BFL 175lbs title against Patenaude Martial Arts’ Julien Leblanc.

You can listen to the whole episode of the Faber Cast Podcast featuring Dejan Kajic right here:

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