Faber Cast 37 with Julien Leblanc, François Duguay and Dany Laflamme

This week on the episode 37 of the Faber Cast Podcast we are joined by good friend of the show Julien Leblanc. We also speak with Marc-André ‘PowerBar’ Barriault‘s coaches François Duguay and Dany Laflamme live from Edmoton after the UFC 240 weigh in.

Before that, Julien Leblanc MMA discusses his TKO 49 fight against Ibrahim Mane, his injury, the fact that half his fights are always cancelled before they happen and many other things from Isaac Blais to the UFC 240 card.

The Faber Cast Podcast is also available on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean and Balado Quebec.

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