Zackery Powell extends with TKO, back in December

One of the best prospects in Canada, Zackery Powell has extended his contract with the TKO promotion. The promotion announced his signing on its website today and confirmed that he will be back in December at TKO 50.

Earlier this year, Powell announced on Instagram that he had to pull out of his Alex O’Neil fight planned for TKO 48. He was suffering from post concussion symptoms and he needed to stop training altogether for a little while.

On June 15, Powell was on the Faber Cast and he was already doing much better.

« I’m doing well, man. I feel likem it’s weird to say, but the way I explain it to my physio is that I feel able to live in society again. Because with all of the symptoms I was having, I only wanted to stay in my room and see nobody. But now I’m feeling great, I resumed training. Not at a 100%, but enough. In 4 weeks I should be ablea va vraiment bien, man. Je me sens… c’est weird à dire mais de la façon dont je l’explique au physio, je me sens apte à to spar once again and, depending on when TKO puts on a show, the end of the year might be a good return time for me.”

Zackery Powell, translated from french

Here we are now in September and TKO has already announced Zackery Powell’s return. He will be fighting on December 6 on the TKO 50 card at the Videotron Center in Quebec City. He even extended his deal with the TKO promotion.

It will be interesting to see who will be Powell’s first opponent for his return. He was supposed to fight Alex O’Neil in Gatineau and this fight still has interest. However, with TKO’s new weigh in system that will be effective on that date, we don’t even know if both fighters will end up in the same weight division. If they do, they might just wait around for the TKO card planned for early 2020 in Gatineau, since both fighters are from the region.

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