Second time will be the charm for Jade Masson-Wong

Second time will be the charm for Jade Masson-Wong

We have talked a lot about the year 2019 on the Quebec MMA scene. We have talked a lot about local promotions like TKO and New Era being unable to present events. We have talked a lot about the local fighter’s frustrations as their careers were put on hold for most of the year. 

We need to understand that for MMA fighters in general, they don’t just like to fight, they need to fight! Yes, from a financial standpoint, even though there’s not much money to be made locally. But also for a way deeper reason: 

“I can’t wait, I got something inside me that I can’t wait to let go”

That’s one of the first things Jade Masson-Wong told me when I had her on the Faber Cast podcast to discuss her title fight at this saturday’s BFL 65. It’s clear that Jade’s last fight left a sour taste in her mouth and the long wait she had to endure before fighting again surely did not help her feel better. 

Her last fight was in May of last year at TKO 48 in Gatineau. The fight was basically built around Jade and the fight that she was going to become the promotion’s first ever Women’s champion. However, Mandy Bohm was not to be taken lightlty as she caused the upset. Jade had her moments in the fight but Bohm was able to capitalize as soon as she slowed down and she was able to submit her by third round Rear-Naked Choke. 

The German spoiled the party that night and left Quebec with the belt that was destined for Jade. 

Then, TKO started to experience difficulties and most fighters from Quebec were left without opportunities to fight. Jade was no exception, especially on the Women’s side where they don’t have that much competitors in the first place. 

Still, Jade kept training and she even went to support her partner Marc-André Barriault in his second and third UFC fights, two other losses. This only helped to feed Jade’s inner animal as she was getting hungrier to fight by the day. 

Even if Jade can seem like she’s very sweet when you talk to her, she has a very pronounced darkside. In fact, it’s probably just because she gets locked inside a cage ince every few months where she can let let her frustrations go by beating up her opponent that she is able to live a normal life. 

It’s now been close to 7 months without having that chance. That may explain why Jade is super excited as she sees February 8 approaching on her calendar. Not only she will get the chance to let everything go inside the cage, but she will also bring a belt back to Quebec if she comes out with the W.

For the occasion, she will fight local favorite Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels, who she got to see compete on the TKO 48 card last May. Horth fought one of Jade’s former opponents in Corinne Laframboise in a very weird fight. In fact, Laframboise had the better of the standup exchanges against the striker who was able to win the fight later on by submitting the BJJ World Champion. 

That’s a scenario that Jade enjoyed to see play it. It’s not a secret that she will be looking to trade with Jamey-Lyn standing up and she feels like she will have the advantage in that area of the fight. Of course, Jade expects Horth to shoot on her at some point but she feels a lot better about her grappling game than 7 months ago. In fact, Jade made grappling one of the focal points of her training during her inactivity period and she is eager to show huge improvements in that department. 

Jade Masson-Wong will be still prepared for every scenario as she heads to Vancouver this Saturday to fight Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels. She is confident that the second time will be the charm for her and she will leave the BFL 65 event with a belt wrapped around her waist! 

You can listen to the whole episode of the Faber Cast Podcast with Jade Masson-Wong (and Dejan Kajic) right here:

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