TKO reveals its 2020 schedule

The TKO promotion revealed today its schedule for the end of 2019 and the year 2020. It all happened on the promotion’s Facebook page.

We will witness not less than 8 TKO event from now until the end of 2020. It all starts with the TKO 49 card which should happen in September in Montreal. The official date and location for the event will be announced this saturday. The year 2019 will culminate in a December 6 event in Quebec City: TKO 50.

To begin 2020, TKO will be back in Gatineau on February 28 for TKO 51, an event in the new arena that is now under construction. The TKO 52 and 53 cards are both planned for Montreal respectively on April 17 and June 12, 2020.

For the TKO 54, the promotion is back in Gatineau on September 4, 2020. Following that, the infamous TKO event in Ontario we’ve been hearing about since 2018 will finally happen. It is planned for TKO 55 in October 2020 in an unannounced city. Back in 2018, TKO wanted to hold an event in London or Windsor, so these two cities are probably good guesses as of now.

Finally, TKO will be back in Quebec City for the final event of the year 2020 on November 27. The TKO 56 card will be the only one presented in Quebec City in 2020. That’s a weird turn of events for a city that will have seen 3 events in 2 years.

It seems like Gatineau is slowly replacing Quebec as TKO’s destination of choice. It’s probably normal as a great part of the roster is from the Gatineau/Ottawa region.

Here is the full schedule for 2019 and 2020 for TKO:

  • TKO49: September 2019, Montreal
  • TKO50: December 6, 2019, Quebec City
  • TKO51: February 28, 2020, Gatineau
  • TKO52: April 17, 2020, Montreal
  • TKO53: June 12, 2020, Montreal
  • TKO54: September 4, 2020, Gatineau
  • TKO55: October 2020, Ontario
  • TKO56: November 27, 2020, Quebec City

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