TKO 49: Mallette pulls out, Lainesse reacts

Personal reasons have forced Dany Mallette to pull out of his TKO 49 fight against Yohan Lainesse. The promotion announced the news on Facebook today.

It’s a tough blow for the TKO 49 card as this fight was the most anticipated of the evening. The two Welterweights have been engaged in a very heated rivalry for about a year now. Since the beginning of their pro careers, the fans knew they were going to meet up someday. As the anticipation built, both parties, and their friends, strated sending jabs to each other on social media.

As October 9 was approaching, fight time was coming, but now Mallette as pulled out of the contest. We don’t have much details right now on what are Mallette’s actual personnal problems. Still, we wish him that everything sorts out for the best. Mallette has said to TKO that he still wanted to fight Lainesse in his return fight.

MMA Talk reached out to Lainesse to obtain his reaction to Mallette’s pull out. He did not mince his words towards his opponent. Here is what he had to say:

Personnal problems, everybody has some. I don’t want to judge, but it clearly shows his lack of professionalism. He made the good choice of staying home, I would have recked him… It would have been a massacre.

Yohan Lainesse (Translated from Frenc)

TKO is looking for a replacement to fight Lainesse. There is a little bit less than 2 weeks left before the TKO 49 card. The event takes place on October 9 at the Olympia in Montreal.

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