TKO 49: Isaac Blais and Terry Lemaire will fight

An anticipated Bantamweight fight between Isaac Blais and Terry Lemaire will take place on the TKO 49 on September 13. TKO announced the news on its website earlier today.

The fight was first proposed by MMA Talk in the TKO 48 Review and Matchmaker video and both fighters seemed to be interested in the matchup.

We did not hear much about this matchup since then. As TKO started to announce matchups from the TKO 49 card, Lemaire took it upon himself to revive the talks of this matchup when he posted a respectful callout to Blais on his instagram.

MMA Talk reposted the callout on Facebook and both fighters had another friendly interaction in the comments. Only days after, the TKO promotion announced the matchup officially for the September 13 card in Montreal.

Isaac Blais has been dubbed as one of TKO’s brightest prospect and he has performed as such in his two pro MMA fights. He first defeated Dominic Lacroix by first round submission at TKO 45 in a short notice matchup. He repeated the feat in his second fight against another great prospect in P-O Bouffard.

Terry Lemaire is a young veteran in MMA as his 3-2 record can be very deceiving. After an 0-2 MMA start and a broken jaw, Lemaire took some time off before returning to Muay Thai competition were he represented Canada at a high level. He ultimately made his return in MMA where he has won 3 in a row since then, two of these wins being under the TKO banner.

Never to shy away from a tough fight, Lemaire called out the one nicknamed “Spiderman” in order to share a “Goodtime” with him in the cage. There is already a main event and Lainesse vs Mallette might be the people’s main event, but odds are that Lemaire and Blais will probably give us the fight of the night on September 13!

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